The Oldies – Don’t You Forget About Me

I like music. I suppose that most people do. Sometimes, though, I don’t know what I want to listen to. When I don’t know what I want to listen to, I have a few standbys. I guess they’re my favorites. I don’t know why.

I’m one of those repeat play people. The same song over and over. You can’t do it when other people are around because they’ll think you’re wacko.

Why are you listening to that same song over and over?

Because I just am, that’s why.

My no. 1 ‘I don’t know what I want to listen to, so I’ll listen to this’ song is Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds.


According to itunes I’ve listened to it 536 times. I’ve only had this itunes account for about 2 months. I had another one, but it got seriously jacked up. The itunes phone guy said that I couldn’t remember enough information about my security questions, so he wouldn’t tell me my forgotten password, thereby prohibiting me from getting into my account. I was like, “ugh, you suck”. So, I started a new account. I didn’t want to go through a gazillion drama-laden channels of ‘let me speak to your boss blah blah blah’. Besides, there really wasn’t that much crap on the old account. I made sure that I wrote down ALL of the information about the new account. In big block letters in about 5 notebooks. You know, in case one of them gets lost. If all 5 of them were to get lost, well… then I just suck and deserve to be locked out of my account for being a stupid bonehead who can’t even remember what street I grew up on, or my favorite teacher. ya know.


I like the rare oldies. Especially those from the early 60s, before the British invasion. You can’t find them on itunes, and I sure don’t have them in a record collection. It’s usually stuff that hardly anybody listens to, or even remembers. A lot of the stuff never even charted, or was just a local release. Obscure. A lot of times I can find it on YouTube. There are those people who upload their entire record collections. Bless them. But, who wants to listen to songs via YouTube videos. Not me. I want to have a tangible copy of it. Not in a video that can be deleted and then you’re screwed. So, I just use a site that turns YouTube videos into mp3s. I then import the song into my itunes account. I also make a cd copy of it. Voila. I have it. When you make a cd copy of it you don’t have to have an itunes password to retrieve it. You just have to not lose the cd.

Sometimes I try to get information about the song or the singer on the internet. Google. Well, a lot of good that does. There is usually nothing about the person or the song. I’m like, “Well what good is the internet if it can’t act like a magic genie and tell me everything that I need to know about crap that I want to know about”? They got tons of information about bonehead Justin Bieber and obnoxiously fake Taylor Swift, but they got diddly squat about Lynette West and Jack Sanders. Boo. And, if I DO find any pictures of the artist that you like, they are those stupid little 200 x 2oo pictures. Give me a big 600 x 800 pic. For real.



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