Sunday Night means Mad Men

I watched Mad Men last night. It’s one of the few tv shows that I actually like or look forward to. There are tons of channels on cable, but it seems like there’s never anything to watch. It’s the same crap over and over. Some channels are really hip on those marathons. That’s cool if it’s something that I like. But, most of the time, it’s stupid shit that I absolutely can not stand.

Anyway, there is only one more episode of Mad Men left this season. And, after that, only one more season. ugh. I want it to go on forever.

There were some cool moments on last night’s episode. I guffawed and nearly rofled when Don did his wah wah wah baby thing. At first I didn’t think he was going to do it. I thought that he would just tell whats-his-name to shut up. But, he didn’t. He actually did it.


Also, this was one of those episodes where I kinda liked Pete. On a scale from 1 to 10 (with 1 being I hate your effing putrid guts and 10 being I love you more than coffee and skittles), I’d give him a 6. Usually, I don’t like the guy. He reminds me of too many people that I know.

Do you know who I can’t stand. That Bob Benson. It seems like everybody just loves him. In all of the posts and junk that I’ve come across, people just love him to pieces. They even do posts about those stupid shorts he wore a few episodes ago. ick. He makes me ill.

Sally was in the episode quite a bit last night. Also, that creepy Glenn was there (as usual, his acting skills were slightly sub-par). Sally was at some boarding school for a test run and she called Glenn to bring her some booze and cigarettes/pot so that the mean girls would like her. Glenn’s friend tried to put the moves on Sally, but she wasn’t having it. Maybe if he looked a little more like David McCallum, she would have let him (she got busted for masturbating to The Man from U.N.C.L.E. a few seasons ago). Glenn looks way older now. He’s got groovy sideburns and everything.

Later, when Betty was driving Sally home from her sleepover at the boarding school, she informed Sally that she was accepted to the school. Then Sally lit Betty’s cigarette. Then Betty said, “I know you want one. Go ahead. I’d rather you do it in front of me than behind my back”. Enabler.
So, Sally smoked. This, of course, was after she had said, “Bullshit!” when she was at the boarding school hanging out with those bitchy girls and Glenn and his dorky friend.

sally smokes

On Mad Men, they go to the movies at lot. I few weeks ago, the movie within the episode was Planet of the Apes. This week it was Rosemary’s Baby. At first, I didn’t know what movie Don and Megan had just seen, but afterwards Mia Farrow and Ruth Gordon were mentioned, so I was like, “Oh, Rosemary’s Baby”. They made reference to it later when Peggy and that Ted guy were talking about how they were using it as a premise in some tv ad that they were going to be doing. I hated that movie.

Overall, the episode was pretty decent. There has only been one episode this season that I felt was a little flat. Last season, that Lane Price guy committed suicide by hanging himself. I kind of hope that somebody dies next week. Preferably Megan.


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