I Wrote a Poem, and Put it on WordPress

I wrote a poem
And put it on WordPress
But, it wasn’t a poem
It was just a big word mess

Should I use meter
Iambic pentameter
Or should it be freeform
A Walt Whitman amateur

I made it all up
As I went along
And I thought to myself

Ummm, yeah, I’ll never post this because it’s hella stupid.

As it looks now
It might be a sonnet
But I don’t really think so
Because I already fucked it up with that “I’ll never post this because it’s hella stupid” line

I should go back and fix it
But not gonna do it
Oh look, consecutive lines that end with the word it
Now it’s three and that’s bullshit

Should I cuss in the poem
Oh wait, I already did
Should I have used a question mark after poem
What word rhymes with did

i thought about using
really big words
like ‘verisimilitude’
and not capitalizing the first word of every line
and maybe adding an extra line
Oh look, two consective lines ending with the word ‘line’
Now three, but one of them has apostrophes around it

Wait, you already did that


To make it look imporant
And like I know what I’m doing
I’m eating a skittle
That’s why I’m chewing

I have to go now
And change, don’t cha know it
To go to my job
Which is obviously not poet


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