Dear Diary

today I sawToday was Thursday. It was satisfactory. Went into work at 6:45 am. Inventory. The way that people, Laura in particular, had been talking about it, I expected it to be arduous and tortuous. It was nothing. People are such babies. I expected to get out much later than I did. I was diligent in my tasks (for the most part). Others were not.

Made pasta for dinner.

This morning, before I went to work, I went to Wal Mart. I got donuts. They were the cheap $2.50 ones. There wasn’t a bar code on the box. The girl charged me $4.50. I payed with my debit card. I told the girl that they were $2.50. She said, “Well, there wasn’t a code or price on the box”.
So you what, decided to make up your own price? If I had wanted to pay that much for my donuts I would have gotten the bigger and fresher ones. Not the cheap ass stale ones. She refunded the difference in cash, after she made it known through a harumph and body language how inconvenient it was for her. ugh lady. Just ugh.

Tonight I watched Hell’s Kitchen. Chefs sure cuss a lot. There is controversy about the show being staged. Who cares. It’s vapid television entertainment, not World War III.

I’m off tomorrow. Good.


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