Dear Diary

Today was Friday. I guess it still is. I think that it officially becomes Summer in about 4 or so hours. I’m not a big fan or Summer. I prefer Winter and Fall. I just don’t like being hot. I prefer the hardness of Winter. I’m pretty sure that it stems from my existential and dystopic nature. eh.

I changed my blog theme today. From Structure to The Morning After. I like them both because of their more condensed magazine-like style. I debated a while on whether I would make the switch. I’ve had theme switchers remorse on more than one occasion. I can always switch it back if I start getting too antsy about it.

Ate at Applebees tonight. In the bar. I had a burger and Sue had this asparagas appetizer and fish tacos. ick. Well, I’m sure that I could deal with the asparagas okay. They were coated with some kind of breading. But the fish tacos. No. Not a big fan of fish. I never have been.

I love how when you type certain things in the post they pop up in the related content beneath the post. Applebees just popped up.What’s even worse is that those stupid fish tacos popped up. I said in the above paragraph that I didn’t like them. That means DO NOT pop up beneath the post.

Sue had recorded that show Wilfred. Two episodes. I had never seen it. I hated it. Then Bones. Rerun. Then Hawaii Five-0. Rerun.
Big Brother starts in about a week.

Back to work tomorrow. 1:30.


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