Dear Diary

downpourSo I was in to work about 2 hours. Then bam. Torrential downpour. All of the umbrellas and cushions outside started blowing everywhere. Lightning and thunder. Nobody would leave the store. There were about 15 people up front waiting for it to stop. Eventually it stopped but then started again about 5 minutes later. Just long enough for me to take a 9 x 12 rug out to some lady’s car. I got soaked. It was so windy and the rain was pounding against the windows. Did I think to take a picture of it? Hell no. Then, all of a sudden, everybodys phones started beeping and making noises. Mine did it to. It was a flash flood warning. I didn’t even know that feature was on my phone.

On the way home I got some banana pudding ice cream at the EZ Mart. I shouldn’t have. Anyway, I ate almost all of it.

I finished watching that Top Model marathon that had started this morning. It was the America vs. Brit one. Now I’m in bed. Hoping that those cops don’t show up again tonight. They messed up my sleep. That’s why I am in bad an hour earlier than normal.


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