Dear Diary

The Case of the Disappearing Produce Bags

Had to be at work at 9. Went to Wal Mart beforehand to get donuts. I found the ones I wanted but there were no bags to put them in. So, I walked over into the produce section. Not a bag to be found. The were out of plastic produce bags. How could they not see that coming?
Anyway, the bakery girl gave me a box. She was kind of snooty about it. A big ass box for 2 donuts. ugh.

Work was semi-boring.

It was humid all day. Like always.

whodunnitWatched a new show called Whodunnit. I liked it. Kind of reminds me of The Mole. The butler/host/emcee guy is a tad creepy and the contestants are kinda melodramatic, but… I still liked it.

I also watched Mad Men. Season finale. 😦
It was good. Megan said fuck and the silenced it out. You could still lip read what she said.
Pete’s mom fell off ot a boat and drown/drowned (?).
Don got fired. Well, asked to take time off with no return date. So I guess that means fired.
I will forever miss this show when it ends.

The Walking Dead is supposed to start back up soon. Zombies are fun.

Seriously, how could Wal Mart run out of produce bags?


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