Dear Diary

Today is Monday. I’m off. I cleaned the bathroom. Boring. That shit from the dollar store doesn’t do squat. I found some toxic bleach under the kitchen counter. Now I feel dizzy.

I’ve had my new phone for about a month. I had it a week before I realized that it had Siri. Only yesterday I found out that she can compose emails, read and send texts, and even play music that I have requested. I was like, “Oh, that’s cool”. I guess I should have paid more attention to those commercials. I don’t even know half of the technology that’s out there.

I’ve been listening to Jimi Hendrix all day

Siri, play Purple Haze
Siri play Fire
Siri play this
Siri play that

Finally I was just like

Siri, play Jimi Hendrix

It takes me a while to catch on to some stuff.

Here is a lampshade I made a while back.
blue lamp

I was thinking about changing it because I am getting sick of looking at it. In particular, the blue boa feature. IDK. We’ll see.

Cake Boss comes on tonight. I like that show.


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