Dear Diary: Even Peter Brady Has a Better Personality Than You Do

Today is Tuesday.

I was watching a design show the other night. One of the judges made it known that you shouldn’t encourage a client to use their own artwork as part of the design. Disagree. Design aesthetics are subjective. If I want a Mondrian style painting that I did on my wall then I am going to put a Mondrian style painting that I did on the wall. If I want to put a crappy Pollock imitation on the wall, then so be it.
I deal with designers quite a bit. A vast majority are flighty and aggressive. Their medicine cabinets do not contain chill pills. Whenever I speak to them I can actually see what I am saying going in one of their ears and out the other. Some, not all.

The Case of the Perfunctory Personality

freud says

Even Peter Brady has a better personality than you do.

I took one of those online personality tests. These are the results.
personality profileIt’s nice to know that I’m not dramatic.
I suppose that I shouldn’t place much merit in the thing, especially since they spelled conscientious incorrectly.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of blog posts about feminism. A few are quite aggressive (which according to my personality profile I am not). One of them said that if you didn’t agree with feminism then you were a misogynist. They stated that there is no middle ground. I will use this time to muster up the courage to use my 25% aggressiveness and say fuck you.

Yesterday I was going to go downtown and take pictures but decided, ugh, it’s too humid. That was the ostensible reason that I gave myself anyway. The real reason was that I was just too lazy to do it. The 45% adventurous did not come into play.

I actually read a few blogs today. Most of the time I just skim. Post titles tell a lot about the content. I know that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover but I do it anyway. If the blog has the word ‘mommy’ in the title then I’m probably going to skip it. Ditto on ‘how to make your blog better’. Most of the time they just give those generic cookie cutter tips and then they want you to buy something or make a contribution.

Well, I guess my 50% leisurely time is up. In the immortal words of John Wilkes Booth, “Hasta la vista, Abey”.


3 thoughts on “Dear Diary: Even Peter Brady Has a Better Personality Than You Do

  1. I love this! I suspect I am a little under 25% aggressive, but I am also a bit lazy this morning and am unlikely to do the research to get my own measures. I will be borrowing your %s if I need to call on any particular side of me. Being at least 28% conscientious, I will give you full credit as the original source.

    • Thanks. The aggressiveness usually only comes out when certain family members try to get me to watch a movie on Lifetime, a presidential press conference or tornado warnings interrupt Jeopardy, or when a total stranger just follows me around blabbing about how hot it is.
      I had to answer over 100 questions to get the results. Most of my answers were in the ‘sometimes’ category.

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