Dear Diary: Excited about burgers; Concerned about zombies

Today is Wednesday.
I worked late last night. ‘Event’. I hate ‘Events’. Got to bed around 1:30. Got up at 6:30 because SOMEBODY was clomping around in the kitchen like Mr. Ed on steroids. Since I’ve become older than Moses I don’t need as much sleep as I did when I was a goofy teen with Partridge Family posters splashed all over the walls.

Miley Cyrus is on Good Morning America. SINGING! Could television be ANY more hideous. I went into the kitchen to get something (no, not donuts), and there she was on the big screen in the living room. Dancing around in some skimpy shorts and that jacked up do of hers. ugh. Make her go away.

Great. Now I have that Party in the USA song stuck in my head.

Last night when I was clocking out I had to use the flashlight on my keychain to see the keyboard. All of the lights had already been turned out. Laura asked me where I got it. Nosy. I told her that I got it at a crime scene. Then Thomas asked, “Did you go behind the yellow tape to get it”?
I said, “Yes”.
Then Laura said, “OMG Bob, that could have been evidence or something. Why did you take it”?

The people I work with are so gullible.

davidsTonight is takeout night. I have opted for burgers. David’s Burgers. That place is weird. They are so overly-friendly. To the point of being creepy. I just want to go, “Shut up, this is a burger joint, not the semi-finals of the Miss Teen U.S.A. pageant”. They do have unlimited fries though. I lot of good that does at the drive-thru window.

Big Brother starts tonight. I like it okay. It’s like visual white noise. I don’t have to think when I watch it. When the episodes are over I forget about them. Not so with my sister. She reads the tweets. She watches the live feeds. She reads the BB websites. She gets updates on her phone. Then she gives me updates about what is going on in the house while I’m trying to watch some other show on tv. ugh. A whole summer of this. I would tell her to shut up, but I’m nice like that. I just reply with my 3 pat answers that I use whenever anything goes in one ear and out the other. ‘Wow’, ‘OMG really’ and ‘that bitch!’.

This week I saw two tv shows where the plotline revolved around a zombie apocalypse. Should I be concerned?

zombie scream


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