The Tingler gifs

the tinglertingler guythe tingler 1the tingler 2

Through patently absurb dialogue – that is totally believable because it’s Vincent Price explaining it – we learn that the Tingler is the tangible manifestation of fear that develops whenever a scream does not accompany fright. It’s the tingling in your spine. Chills.

Here are some gifs that I made from the movie.


5 thoughts on “The Tingler gifs

      • It was directed my William Castle. It was one of those gimmick movies. During its original run, some of the theater seats were wired with buzzers so that people would get the tingling sensation.

      • Tingling buzzers on the seats! Reminds me of It’s a Bug’s Life show at California Adventure (Disneyland). They rig those seats to spray stuff at you at certain times and they move to imitiate bugs crawling under you or wasps stinging your back. I don’t like it 😛

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