Dear Diary

the sunJust got home from work. Truck day. I went in at 6. It got hot early. It’s supposed to be 100 today. With the humidity I’m sure it will appear to be a lot hotter. I’m not sure what the hottest weather is that I’ve ever been it, but one time when I was living in Vegas the thermometer at the convenience store across the street from where I lived showed 121. No humidity. It wasn’t extemely horrid. It just felt like the back of my shirt was on fire. Like I was in an oven. This crap today was a lot more uncomfortable.

I watched Big Brother last night. There is a guy from Arkansas on there. He’s from Conway. That’s where I went to college. That’s also where Kris Allen, one of the winners of American Idol, went to college. We went to the same high school too. Decades apart of course. This Arkansas guy seemed okay. I don’t really see him staying around that long. I could be wrong though.

This tan I have makes me look like farmer Joe from Hicksville. Everything is white (or whatever shade of caucasian I am) except for the head, neck and half of the arms. They’re brown. I look like I should be behind a mule-drawn plow.

tan bob 1


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