Dear Diary

Today was more irritating that normal. People got on my nerves more. It was mostly work related, so it’s really not even worth talking about.

I have the house to myself for 3 days. yay.

I have the same pillow that they do on Big Brother.
bb pillow 1
bb pillow

I see it every time I watch the show.

I have to go in at 6 tomorrow. That means up at 4:30. It’s not too bad. I do it every Thursday.

The news has been bizarre lately. The whole Weiner thing is laughable. What is his deal? Is he really that obnoxious and stupid and deluded? And then there’s that other guy. I can’t remember his name. He’s stuck in some kind of time warp. Just because you grew up in a different time doesn’t mean that you have to do the same crap that they did back then. What is wrong with these politicians? It’s like they’ve all gone crazy. I know it’s always been that way, so…

Also, if you’re gay, don’t protest in Russia. All of a sudden they’re all Hitler nazi about it.

There’s other crap in the news, but it’s pretty much the same old recycled crap. They have to keep reminding us what a stupid animal man is.



Dear Diary

I didn’t post the Final Jeopardy question today because, well, it’s kid’s week. Little kids. I’ve learned from past Jeopardy postings (another blog from 2 years ago) that people leave the most obnoxious comments during kids week, or whenever there is a Bible or Religion question. Why? Beats me. I might just have to skip this week. If I DO do it, then I’ll probably just keep it for my own personal reference and password it. ? Maybe. IDK.

I haven’t had as much privacy this week and it’s driving me crazy. Every time I turn around someone is there. It’s not that I’m a reclusive malcontent (okay, maybe I am), but seriously, how about a few hours to myself. During the day. Not at night when I’m supposed to be sleeping.


If I have to watch one more episode of Drop Dead Diva or Royal Pains, I am going to scream. I can’t stand either one and it is horrifyingly brutal to have to sit through them. Technically, I don’t HAVE to, but…it’s a long story.


Vincent Price hiding in a cave

Yesterday, I watched a Mod Squad marathon on MeTV. Well, actually it wasn’t really a marathon. Only 4 episodes.

Anyway, it was the first time that I had watched it since it’s original run. OMG, you were alive then? Ummmm, yes.
I had forgotten how catatonic the show was. Everybody was pretty wooden whenever they said their lines. Like they were on quaaludes or something.

There was an episode yesterday with Vincent Price. His character was hiding in a cave. I was like, “Didn’t you do that same thing on The Brady Bunch“? You know, when you tied up the Brady Boys and demanded to know where they got the tiki idol.


price brady


Dear Diary: It’s my birthday. 56 is the new…I don’t know what

Well, it’s here. My birthday. 56. I have nothing big planned. Still being here is plan enough.

I suppose that I could have had a Sweet 16 + 40 party. That might have been fun. Or not.

I was born on a Friday and today is Friday. According to that Monday’s Child fortune-telling nursery rhyme song, Friday’s Child is ‘loving and giving’. I suppose that could be true. On some days anyway. I really feel sorry for those Wednesday’s Child people. They are full of woe. Nice way to set someone up for success.

It’s also Hart Hanson’s birthday. Same day and year. He is the creator of the Bones tv show. It’s like we’re twins. Only he’s a famous television producer and I’m not.


ugh. Another birthday.

And let’s not forget Mick Jagger. He turns 70 today. That’s really impressive. To go through all of that rock star stuff and still be here and performing.

Let’s not forget Dorothy Hamill. She turns 57 today. She won the Olympic Gold in figure skating in 1976. Tomorrow is Peggy Fleming’s birthday. She won the gold medal in 1968. Hmmm…that’s weird. I think I’ll go check out the birthday’s of the other U.S. female gold winners in figure skating.

…a few minutes later.

Tenley Albright, the ’56 champion. Born July 18. Another winner born in July.
Kristi Yamaguchi, the ’92 champion. Born July 12. Yet another winner born in July. Strange!

Oh wait. Carol Heiss, Tara Lipinski and Sarah Hughes screwed it up. Tara is June 10. Well, that’s kinda close. Carol Heiss, the ’60 winner is Jan. 20. Sarah Hughes, the 2002 winner is May 2.

Oh well, there goes that theory.

Let’s see. Who else was born today.

George Clinton, the 4th vice president of the U.S. Well, if I can’t have a presidential birthday, then I guess a vice president will have to do. Although, sharing a birthday with Funkadelic George Clinton would have been much cooler.

George Bernard Shaw. That’s cool. Nobel Prize laureate.

Carl Jung. A Swiss psychiatrist.

George Grosz. German Painter. I love Grosz. His stuff is cool.

Aldous Huxley. The guy who wrote Brave New World. He died on Nov. 22, 1963. The exact same day as JFK. I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t by a stray bullet though. C.S. Lewis also died on that day too. Of course, their deaths were kind of overlooked.

Vivian Vance. AKA Ethel Mertz

Blake Edwards and Jason Robards. Both born in 1922. One a director and the other an actor.

Stanley Kubrick. Another director.

Joe Jackson. Father of Michael and the rest of the Jackson clan.

Dobie Gray and Mary Jo Kopechne. Both born in 1940. Dobie was a singer/songwriter. He did that song Drift Away. It was a big hit in ’73. Mary Jo was that girl who died in Ted Kennedy’s car at Chappaquiddick.

Bobby Hebb, Darlene Love and Brenton Wood. All born in 1941. All famous American singers.

Helen Mirren (1945) and Sandra Bullock (1964). Both academy award-winning actresses. At one time, they were both up for the award at the same time. Interesting.

Kevin Spacey. He’s cool.

There are more, but yeah, I’m over listing them.

As far as events go, Carlos Castillo Armas, dictator of Guatemala, was assassinated on the day I was born.

Things sure that changed a lot since the day I was born. They have color tv now. How remarkable. Who’da thought. The Viet Nam war is over. Eisenhower isn’t president anymore (how time flies). We went to the moon like 6 times (allegedly). We played golf on the moon (allegedly). There was a thing called Women’s Lib. Ladies marched and burned their bras. There was the Civil Rights movement. There was disco (I turned 21 at the height of the disco era. That was fun).
slinkyThere was the slinky (which I could never get to go down the stairs like in the commercials), Silly Putty (that got me grounded because I was always ripping the newspaper when I was trying to copy the comics on it) and the Rubik’s Cube (which I could never solve).
There were assassinations. JFK. RFK. MLK.
There was the thing called Y2K. That was a weird time.
Oh no, all of the computers are going to shut down and there will be chaos. We should stock up on water and guns.
Oh wait, we fixed it. Never mind.
There was 9/11. It was a Tuesday. I was in Blimpy’s Sandwich shop when I found out. I immediately ran home and started recording all of the news coverage on vcr tapes. I later recorded over them with Magnum pi episodes. So much for preserving history.

Dear Diary: Stop being neurotic and superstitious

ugh. I’ve seriously got to get over being this neurotic and superstitious nincompoop. It’s not real bad. But, it is annoying. Why spend all of that time even thinking about or rearranging the nonsense?

Like that bottle of cologne that has been sitting (or whatever bottles of cologne do) on the bathroom counter for over a year. Sometimes I reach for it. And then I think, “No. If I put it on something bad will happen”. What, for pete’s sake? For some obnoxious reason I got it into my head that THAT bottle of cologne is somehow taboo. But why? Some miss-firing neuron I suppose. I can’t pour it down the sink. If I do then the taboo-ness goes right down the sink with it. Then what? The pipes burst and the sink explodes?
So I’m stuck. I can’t use it and I can’t throw it away. As far as I know, there is no Sacred burial grounds for evil cologne bottles around here. I’d probably have to go to Hawaii for that.

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