Dear Diary

One of The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company's ...

I’m going through my ‘If I eat anything I’m going to turn into the Goodyear blimp’ phase. It happens every so often. I’m at 185. That’s pretty normal for 6 feet I guess. One time I saw a chart that said that if you are 6 feet, anything over 187 is considered overweight. uch. I’ve been around the 182-187 mark for about a year. One day about 6 months ago I was at 179.8. I was excited to be in the 170s. That lasted for about 6 hours. Anyway, it’s a lot better than when I was at 240.

We’ve been pretty lucky weatherwise. Nothing too drastic. The other day it was over 100. Two days actually. Lately it’s been in the 80s. Yesterday was perfect. No humidity. Well, not much.

I worked today.

I have nothing to blog about. I’m so boring. I discovered the Vine app on my iphone, so I’ve been making those stupid 6 second videos.

Today is my friend Lisa’s birthday. She died a few years ago. She was an actress. I guess that her most famous role was Debra Winger’s best friend in An Officer and a Gentleman. One time she won an Oscar for a short documentary that she did with her husband. She did quite a few movies. She did some tv too.

Speaking of birthdays, I’ve got one coming up at the end of the month. The 26th. ugh. Another year older. It is the same day as Mick Jagger b-day though. And George Bernard Shaw. And Aldous Huxley (he died on the exact same day as JFK). And Carl Jung. And Mary Jo Kopechne (that chick who drowned in Ted Kennedy’s car). And George Grosz, one of my favorite artists. And a whole bunch of other cool people. I was born the exact same day at Hart Hanson, the creator of Bones.

I want a pop tart.

I just found out that if you click on of those pictures that pops up in the related content section that it adds it to your post. Well what do you know.


One thought on “Dear Diary

  1. All those “charts” that say whether you are obese or overweight or whatever, are bogus. According to those charts, for my height of 5ft 4 inches, I should be about BMI range 18.5 to 24.99 and weight between 107 to 145 lbs.

    Uh…*maybe* 145 would work for me and I did recently reduce my goal weight to 130 (kind of a “shoot for the moon and reach the stars” theory).

    However, if I went down to 107, friends and family would think I was deathly ill, I would look like a skeleton. The lowest I’ve ever been is 142 at age 17 and even then people thought I was way to skinny. After already losing just 22lbs so far, I at least feel sorta comfortable in my skin, and I can breathe normally now.

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