Dear Diary: I need to make a Summer reading list

I need to make a summer reading list. I haven’t done that in a while. I remember the summer that I spent reading all of Agatha Christie’s books. And the two weeks that I spent reading …And Ladies of the Club. And Vonnegut. And Updike. And so many others.

Those were great summers.

I don’t read every day. Books that is. There were times when I would go through 3 a day. Or 10 a week. And then nothing. I would go months without reading any.

It’s different now. Almost all of the bookstores are gone. Everything is digital now. E-readers. Reading books on your phone. It’s not the same. It’s not as personal anymore. It’s like when cds replaced vinyl. That was a sad and lonely adjustment. It took me years.

Sure, books are more accessible now. You can go online and read all kinds of stuff. There are all kinds of book apps where you can get stuff for free. If I want to read Dracula then all I have to do is just search for it on the computer. There it is. Free of charge to be read whenever.

I do buy books occasionally. The last one I bought was The Long Goodbye by Chandler. It’s one of those books that I have to have a tangible copy of. Like actually owning a bottle of cologne instead of going into the mall and just spraying yourself with a sample bottle as you walk through Dillards.

I don’t know what my reading list will be this summer. I recently started Ulysses again. I have to reread favorites. Like going on a vacation with a friend. I can’t decide if I want to vacation with old friends or find some new ones.

The hardest book I ever tried to read was Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon. It was a tough one. I didn’t finish it. I wish I had. Maybe this year.

My favorite book is Miss Lonelyhearts by Nathanael West. I love expressionist literature. I’m sure that will be on the list.

If I ever make one.


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