Dear Diary: I love fonts

I love Myfonts. It’s a great place to find next fonts. My favorites are still Helvetica and Times New Roman, but I like to experiment with some of the more elaborate. I just type something in the sample text, adjust and then right click to save. I usually put some color in the background, because if you don’t then the background usually comes out transparent. That’s fine if you are posting onto a white background. If it’s any other color then there is a slight black ghost image around the text.


name bob

That’s the Novak Spring font. I found it listed in the hippie category. The retro fonts are the best. Especially the 1950s.

name bob 1

That’s the Murray Hill font. I see it on vintage and retro blogs all of the time. It’s very 50s department store looking.

name bob 2

That’s the Luxus Brut. It looks like it belongs on a perfume bottle.

name bob 3

This one is cool. It’s called Eglaser.

The Detective Maurice fonts are cool.

Detective Maurice

maur blood
Detective Maurice Blood

maur cut
Detective Maurice Cut

Another one of my absolute favorites is Terylene Top.


and all of the Fontdinerdotcom fonts. Especially Fontdiner Sparkly.


There is also a Fontdiner Luvable that had hearts instead of stars.

Anyway, that site has just about every font imaginable. Thousands and thousands. Every category  you can think of.

grunge, murder, detective, typewriter, pretty, fabulous, beautiful, retro, vintage, newspaper. Everything.

They are great for making headers for websites.

Anyway, that’s it.  I couldn’t think of anything else to blog about, so I said, “Hmmmm, I’ll just talk about fonts”.

So I did.


4 thoughts on “Dear Diary: I love fonts

  1. I keep forgetting to check your blog. I tried to subscribe, but I keep getting an error message. I am creating a “to-read” bookmark category today, so that should help some.

    My favorite font (besides Helvetica, the gold standard of fonts) is the all-cat font I found one day while reading The Blogess (

    But I have to say, I do love the jauntiness of Terylene Top.

      • It tells me: “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.” And then there are one million (estimated) lines of code.

        However, I think the bookmarks will work for me!

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