Dear Diary: Not according to plan

Today was one of those days that just didn’t go exactly according to plan. It wasn’t horrible or anything like that. Just not what I expected.

I had a nice peaceful day all to myself planned. Just me. Solace. You have to have that sometimes. I’m one of those people who needs it more times than not.

My biggest project for the day was laundry. That’s it.

At 9 the phone rang. It was work. Today was my day off. Could I come in? Anything that was acceptable for work was in the washing machine. I said ‘yes, I would come in’. I had to wear pants that were a tad bit too tight and had a hole in them. They were my reserve/emergency pants.

I only had to work for a few hours. I had explained that I had to be home at a certain time because my cousin Heather was bringing her dog over so that I could dog sit over the weekend. His name is Zeppelin.
She was scheduled to come a 3:45. She texted me that she would be there earlier. Noon. She didn’t know that I was at work. Mainly because I wasn’t supposed to be. I told her to make it 1. She said okay.
I made it home before she got there. She was late. 1:30. We chatted about her upcoming wedding.

She left. Now I had time to myself.

Then the electricity went off. It came back on but then there was no cable or internet connection. Time to myself included television and internet connection. After about 30 minutes it was working again. By this time it was 2:30.

I read a little. Did some stuff on the computer. You know, blog stuff. WordPress, tumblr, blogger,etc.

Tonight was pizza night. Sue ordered one before she left work. Pizza Hut. She called me at 5 to say that she was in a big traffic jam. Could I go pick the pizza up? I was carless, so I had to walk. About a mile. Right when I got there she said that she was out of the traffic jam and on her way. Right when I walked out of Pizza Hut she pulled up.

I had planned on 9 hours to myself. I got about 2.


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