Dear Diary

Well, hmmmm…

Today is Heather’s birthday. She got married the other day. That’s like purposely being born around Christmas. She was supposed to get married next year. They eloped. For the sake of being able to move into AFB housing. The real ceremony will/is supposed to be next year in Florida.

I had to work last night. Late. 7 to 2. There is a new event starting today. There’s nothing like putting up clings on the outside of windows at 11 o’clock at night. And it was super-humid. The whole thing was boring and tedious. Went to bed at 3. Got up at 7.

I’m really hating Big Brother. I used to like that show. Now it’s so obnoxious that I want to through crap at the tv. But, it’s expensive so I won’t. That girl Aaryn is the worst. Can’t stand the bitch. I think that it’s so funny that her name can be anagramed into Aryan. I bet her parents did that on purpose. It’s so obvious. There is controversy around her racist remarks on the show. She’s such a twit.

There was a plane crash in San Francisco. Only 2 people died, but quite a few were injured. Now the great debate. Pilot error or plane malfunction. I think I heard this morning that it was finally ruled pilot error. I hate flying. Must be drugged to do it.


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