What happened on Big Brother last night?

Big Brother 15. ugh. really? What a bunch of bozos. Last night’s episode was particularly hilarious. CBS put up a disclaimer before the show. Basically they were saying Hey, we’re just filming the idiots. We’re not actually one of them.

ginaOkay, so Aaryn is a bitch. But GinaMarie. OMG. What a blubbering idiot. Stomping around. Throwing tamtrums because shit just didn’t go her way. Missing Nick. He got booted. She cried hysterically. She never even got to kiss him. Wah!
He left his hat behind. Let me cuddle it. And then –  this is the part where I roflmaoed – she started blowing her blubbering snot all over what looked like underwear.  It might have been a shirt or shorts. Who knows. But, it looked like underwear. Honey, get a tissue. Or least some toilet paper. It’s in the bathroom where you’ve been crying hysterically for most of the episode. Seriously, she’s putting the Big Brother house in a flood zone. If she’s that upset NOW, then what is going to happen when she exits the house and finds out that she’s been fired from her job as pageant coordinator? What I want to know is pageant coordinator of WHAT. The Histrionic Personality Disorder Pageant?


I’ll show HER!

Then there’s “I’m not racist” Aaryn. She turns over Candice’s bed (EGADS!) and throws the pillows (HOW AWFUL!) and Candice’s clothes on the floor. Candice sees the mess. Personally I don’t see how she was able to tell the difference between the mess that Aaryn made and how the house usually looks. She must be Sherlock Holmes. Look a clue! Shit is even MORE fucked up than it was when I left the fucked up mess a few minutes ago.
Anyway, they get into a fight. Candice is like, “You made racist remarks”! Aaryn is like, “No, I didn’t”! Back and forth. Blah blah blah.
Here comes Howard to save the day. He picks up Candice and whisks her away. Out of the room and away from a room full of mean girls and Mr. Macho Tattoo.
Candice cries. Howard philosophizes about game play. Howard prays. Candice finally stops crying.

Then there’s Amanda. She is not putting up with Aaryn and Kaitlin’s shit. Kaitlin is almost as horrid as Amanda. With a few Big Brother edits she easily COULD be. Amanda tried to clue them in on the shit that they are going to have to put up with when they exit the house. “You’re racist on the show. People are going to be hating on you”. For a split second you could kind of see a light bulb go off over Aaryn’s dim-witted head.

Later Candice tried to console GinaMarie when she was on the couch and boo-hooing over Nick. Really? Why? That’s when Aaryn, who was also in the room, apologized to Candice. I wasn’t trying to be racist blah blah blah. Anyway, FAKE.

Then there’s Judd. Who? Judd. You could replace him with a cardboard cutout and I would never even know the difference.

Elissa was absent most of the episode. I guess BB figured it was time to put someone else in the spotlight for a change.

Helen spent most of her time jumping up and down and being victorious. They never showed her entering her Head of Household room. That time was allotted for the dysfunctional ‘Why does my bed look like Hiroshima’ segment and for GinaMarie’s blubberfest.

Most of the other houseguests just had walk-ons this week. They were hardly seen or heard.

Helen nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin for eviction.

Overall, it was the most entertaining episode this season. And hilarious.


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