Bob’s Rate-a-Record (Wind Up Toy – Jerry Mathers)

This is my first Rate-a-Record on this blog. What a horrid song to pick. No offense to Jerry Mathers. I love Leave it to Beaver. But they seriously should have waited for his voice to change before they recorded the song. It’s all very reminiscent of Peter Brady goofing up Greg’s song on The Brady Bunch.

I will rate the song between 35-98 (because that’s how they did it on American Bandstand). No song is so bad that it deserves a score lower than a 35 and no song is perfect enough to deserve 100. Or so said Dick Clark. I disagree. There are songs that deserve a rating below 35. But, I’ll just go ahead and use that scoring anyway.

You can kind of dance to it. I suppose you could do the twist to it. Although I don’t know why.

This is what I would call a frisbee record. You want to play frisbee outside with your friends. Nobody has a frisbee. What do you do? Well, you use a record. You dig through your collection of 45s and pick the crappiest one.

I looked up this record on ebay. The starting bid was $20.00. There were no bids.

My rating: 45


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