Dear Diary

Why do people ask you for your expert advice and then do the exact of what you suggest? It’s happened a few times this past week. If you’re such an expert then why did you ask me in the first place? If you want your house hideously designed, then go right ahead. Go right ahead and do the exact opposite of what I suggest. Makes me no never mind.

They don’t even take it into consideration. It’s not even a split second before they are shaking their head, making a face and then saying, “No, I think I’ll go with this”.

Then why did you ask?

Yesterday at Wal Mart. OMG. This lady in front of me. She had a kid. He looked about almost 2. This is what she did. It drove me crazy.

To her kid:
What’s this? It’s a potato. What color is it? Brown.
What’s this? It’s cereal. It says Lucky Charms. Can you say Lucky Charms? What is this (as she points to something on the box)? It’s a star. What color is it? Yellow. Can you say yellow. Say yellow for mommy.
What’s this? It’s sugar. What color is it? White. Say white.
Oh, see that this moving. It’s a conveyer belt. It’s makes mommy’s grocerys move. Can you say conveyer belt? What color is it? Black. Can you say black?

She did this with EVERYTHING. Every single item. She never even let the kid try to answer. All of her questions and answers were one big run on sentence. For 10 minutes. On and on and on. What’s this? What’s that? What color is that? Can you say it? Say it for mommy.

babyThen she looked at the cashier and said, “He waved to you (meaning her kid). Can you wave back?
That’s when I was like, “You’ve got to be kidding”. She’s asking the cashier if she can wave back.

The cashier waved back. She would have anyway. The lady didn’t have to tell her to. Or ask her if she could. SHE’S RINGING UP YOUR GROCERYS. Having the muscle coordination to be able to wave is probably one of those skills that is not quite as difficult as being able to pick up an item and move it over a scanner. Of course she can wave.

The lady and the kid left. The cashier rang my stuff up and I left. I passed the lady and the kid as a was walking out the door. She was still at it.
What’s that? It’s a door. Can you say door. And that’s a sidewalk. Can you say sidewalk.

I need to get some new candles. I’ll be glad when the fall scents are out. Evergreen. Maple. All those fall scents.

Tonight is eviction night on Big Brother. Last night’s episode was kind of boring.

I looked up famous birthdays on wikipedia. No good ones. I didn’t even know half of the people. Some days are like that.


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