Dear Diary: Bobby Sherman the Septuagenarian

There are some good birthdays today. Alex Trebek. He turns 73.
Also Emma Lazarus. She wrote that sonnet The New Colossus. It’s the poem that’s on the Statue of Liberty. I memorized it that time I had the mumps.
Edward Hopper. One of my favorite artists. He’s the guy who did Nighthawks.

I used to get it confused with Night Watch by Rembrandt.

Also, Alexander Calder. He’s an artist who as best known as being the originator of the mobile. I love mobiles.


Don’t take pictures of my shit, dude!

When I was in D.C. I got in trouble by the security guard for taking pictures in the temporary Calder exhibit. I didn’t see the sign that said NO PHOTOS ALLOWED. Oopsy.

Two other birthdays are those of George Clinton and Bobby Sherman. George Clinton being the principal architect of P-Funk, not the 4th vp of the United States. VP Clinton is also the longest serving governor in the history of the U.S. I don’t know when his birthday is.

Also, Bobby Sherman. He was a teen idol in the late 60s/early 70s. He was all right. He was one of the ones that I liked. Can you believe that he actually turns 70 today? OMG! How did all of these teen sensations from… well, what seems like last week… get to be so damn old. Seriously! Bobby Sherman is frickin’ 70.

bobby s

Peace and Love to you too Bobby.

ps. That shirt is hideous.

They had the best clue on Jeopardy today.


I was like “yay”. One of my favorite songs. Of course the answer (actually question) is Blue Öyster Cult. The code for the O with the 2 dots over it is ampersand sign, number sign, 214, semicolon. I couldn’t actually write it out using the symbols because then the O with the two dots would show up instead of the html on how to make it. The 2 dots is an umlaut. In languages without an umlaut it’s known as O with diaeresis. Anyway, that’s the language lesson of the day.

Earlier I had 2 Jimmy Dean turkey, egg and cheese muffins. Bleeck. I don’t care what anybody says, turkey patties are not a good substitution for beef or sausage. It tastes nothing like either. The texture is kind of creepy too. They were only 150 calories each. There is that. Anyway, I’m not getting them again.

This past weekend. ugh. I had to work late Saturday night. Go in at 6pm on Sunday. Then go back at 7:30pm for a meeting. Plus I have to work today, which is supposed to be a day off.
I should stop complaining. It’s money, right.

I didn’t proofread this, so if I spelled shit wrong…whatever.



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