Dear Diary: That baby missed being a Leo by 1 stinkin’ day

Kate and William had their baby today. It’s already on Wikipedia.

baby king

I did a screen shot of it. As soon as they name the baby someone is going to change it.
I wanted her to wait 4 days so that the baby would be born on my birthday. The kid barely escaped being a Leo. Today is the last day for Cancer. Leo starts tomorrow. Not that I believe in that junk. I don’t. Not really.

I’m guessing that they’re going to name the kid after some past king. Like Edward or something. Then I started thinking, “What is their last name”. William and Kate, that is. You never hear it. It’s never used. Then I remembered, “Oh yeah, it’s Windsor”. It’s the House of Windor right now. I think the House of Windsor started with George V. Then there was Edward VIII, but he abdicated so that he could marry Wallis Simpson. Then came George VI (He’s the son of George V). He was played in the movie The King’s Speech by Colin Firth. I love Colin Firth. He’s so fabulous. Then I’m pretty sure that Queen Elizabeth II came next. She is currently reigning. Who doesn’t know that?

I think that William uses Mountbatten-Windsor. Queen Elizabeth’s husband is Prince Philip and since his last name is Mountbatten, they have to throw that in there somewhere. So, William and Kate are William and Kate Mountbatten-Windsor. My prediction is that they will name the baby Edward. If they do then the baby will be Edward Mountbatten-Windsor. I’ll probably be wrong. But if I’m right then, OMG, I’m a psychic.

I live in Hicksville, USA and I’m predicting British royalty baby names. Ain’t I cultured.

town crier



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