What if we had an itunes tracking brain?

itunes songs

I sometimes wonder what this this would look like if there was an itunes in the brain that registered every song that you have listened to from the time that you were born. Of course it would have to be set up in sections.
Songs I listened to on purpose.
Songs that I heard while I was walking through the department store.
Songs that were coming out of someones car as I was driving or walking down the street.
Songs that I heard on tv.
Songs that played while the radio was on.
Songs that my parents, siblings or friends listened to, but I overheard.

There would have to be multiple asterisks involved explaining the reason.
You have listened to Baby by Justin Bieber 200 times * ** *** ****

* You heard it 75 times because you go to Kohls Department Store a lot and they play it all of the time.
** You heard it 25 time because of awards, variety and talk shows you were watching.
*** You heard it 50 times because it came on the radio.
**** You heard it 50 times because you listened to it on purpose via YouTube or itunes.

What if, in addition to a drug test, you had to take a song test.

I’m sorry but we can’t hire you. You’ve listened to It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls on purpose 50 times over the hiring limit. We suggest that you try the fashion industry. Or, you might want to consider trying out for RuPaul’s Drag Race. We’re more of a Taylor Swift type company. You’ve only listened to her 50 times and none of them were on purpose. Sorry.

There would be an entirely new category of discrimination. Songism.

There would be a great big old marriage debate.

People who listen to Wheels on the Bus should NOT be allowed to marry.

Who would make up the rules on what was acceptable song behavior and what was not? The government? Special Interest Groups? The song police?

Of course we already kind of have that. You listen to this type of music, so you must be that type of person.
People call some songs guilty pleasures. That’s the excuse they use for listening to it.

I know it’s a really stupid song, but I listen to it anyway. It reminds me of my first crush. It reminds me of blah blah blah.

Why can’t you just like the song because you like it? Why must you make an excuse for it?
I do that sometimes. Make excuses for the song I am listening to. Or, I only listen to it in private. When no one is around. So no one can say,

OMG, why are you listening to that? What is wrong with you? Why are you listening to One Direction? Are you a 12 year old girl?

I’m pretty sure that music does influence our personality somewhat. Or maybe it’s the other way around. People who listen to Beethoven a lot are probably not going to exhibit the same type of behavior as people who listen to Slipknot on repeat play. I could be wrong. I listen to both. I like both. For me, it’s not about the genre. It’s about the song.

The list I posted is just from the last 6 months. I have another 5 year old itunes account lost in the cosmos somewhere. It got hacked. I couldn’t remember the password. I couldn’t remember the security question answers. I called the Apple itunes people. The guy wouldn’t let me create a new password because I couldn’t remember enough stuff and prove that I was me. So, screw you and create new account. That wouldn’t happen if I had if I had all of the songs on albums or 45s or cassette tapes. Of course, a vast majority of those all got burned up in a house fire years ago. No kind of password could have brought all of that back. So, I guess it could happen.


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