Dear Diary

I didn’t post the Final Jeopardy question today because, well, it’s kid’s week. Little kids. I’ve learned from past Jeopardy postings (another blog from 2 years ago) that people leave the most obnoxious comments during kids week, or whenever there is a Bible or Religion question. Why? Beats me. I might just have to skip this week. If I DO do it, then I’ll probably just keep it for my own personal reference and password it. ? Maybe. IDK.

I haven’t had as much privacy this week and it’s driving me crazy. Every time I turn around someone is there. It’s not that I’m a reclusive malcontent (okay, maybe I am), but seriously, how about a few hours to myself. During the day. Not at night when I’m supposed to be sleeping.


If I have to watch one more episode of Drop Dead Diva or Royal Pains, I am going to scream. I can’t stand either one and it is horrifyingly brutal to have to sit through them. Technically, I don’t HAVE to, but…it’s a long story.



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