Dear Diary

Today was more irritating that normal. People got on my nerves more. It was mostly work related, so it’s really not even worth talking about.

I have the house to myself for 3 days. yay.

I have the same pillow that they do on Big Brother.
bb pillow 1
bb pillow

I see it every time I watch the show.

I have to go in at 6 tomorrow. That means up at 4:30. It’s not too bad. I do it every Thursday.

The news has been bizarre lately. The whole Weiner thing is laughable. What is his deal? Is he really that obnoxious and stupid and deluded? And then there’s that other guy. I can’t remember his name. He’s stuck in some kind of time warp. Just because you grew up in a different time doesn’t mean that you have to do the same crap that they did back then. What is wrong with these politicians? It’s like they’ve all gone crazy. I know it’s always been that way, so…

Also, if you’re gay, don’t protest in Russia. All of a sudden they’re all Hitler nazi about it.

There’s other crap in the news, but it’s pretty much the same old recycled crap. They have to keep reminding us what a stupid animal man is.



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