Dear Diary

vintage photo 2Got up at 6:30. That’s actually oversleeping for me. See that picture on the left? I sure miss those days. Very rarely am I surrounded by guys anymore. 90 % of the time I am surrounded by women. It pretty much drives me crazy.

After watching television for a few hours I went to Conway with Sue. I really wasn’t up for it. I had a stomach issue. But, I went. We went to Kohl’s, T.J. Max (where I bought a Beatles iphone case), some other clothing store that I can’t recall the name of and Pier One (where I bought an indigo blue candle and reed diffuser). On the way home we drove through Mayflower. It looks the same as when I lived there 25 years ago. Drudgy and dysfunctional. What a horrid place to live. They’ve had pollution issues there lately.

I watched football for a while and then went into work. It was okay. Even though I still had some stomach issues I was able to handle it pretty well.

  1. After getting home I finished watching that extreme makeover weight loss show that I had recorded. Now, I am in bed. Back to work at 6 am.

Stamped from the dough of suffering with a heart-shaped cookie knife.


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