Dear Diary

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I thought these were cool.

Still feeling a tad wonky. ugh.

It’s supposed to get up into the high 90s today. Also, high humidily. I will be so glad when fall gets here.

Here is a song I like by Abakus.

Here is another one.

And yet another one.

These are my 3 favorite songs by Abakus.

Tumblr has been acting goofy. It’s rather irritating.

I just walked into the living room. Robin Thicke is on tv singing that obnoxious song of his. He annoys me.


Dear Diary

I feel like ooky crap today. Which is strange because I hardly ever get sick (knock on every piece of wood in the whole wide world). I’m thinking that maybe it’s an improper diet. I have been eating rather oddly lately. I just feel run down. IDK. Hopefully, it will pass soon.

My room is becoming very neoplasticism-esque. It wasn’t intentionial at first. More subconscious I guess. But now, I’ve decided to make it a conscious effort. With the addition of the recent yellow it has really become very Mondrian-like. Primary colors are quite stylish. I think anyway.

I got that new Hendrix album about 3 months ago and I’m still listening to it every day. I can’t stop. I just automatically go to it. I don’t know what it is. Probably familiarity. Plus, he’s awesome. Was.

When I was watching the news this morning there was a blurb about some guy who had changed his name to Beezow Doo-doo Zopittybop-bop-bop. He got arrested on drug charges. Okay, first of all cool name. Kind of. And Second. duh. Somebody with that name is the most logical person to get arrested on drug charges. I don’t think that I would ever consider changing my name. It’s already the coolest guy’s name there is.

Today is National Radio Day.

These were the recommended tags for my blog post.


I thought the first one was funny. It was probably recommended because of that guy’s name. It has doo-doo in it. I have no idea where the third tag fits in.

Dear Diary

That’s just a darn shame about Lee Thompson Young. Rizzoli and Isles is one of my favorite shows. They say it was suicide. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see what happens with further investigation.

I got a really good deal on pillows at work today. $20 pillows clearanced down to $4.98. I got 4 of them. With my employee discount that came to 16.43. Not bad getting 4 pillows for less than the original price of 1. They’re good ones too. The indoor/outdoor cabana pillows.

Work was actually okay today. It went by pretty quick. I was busy. I’m off for the next 2 days. I really need to work on the lawn tomorrow. That is a must do. An absolutely must do.

The clouds were fabulous today. Big fluffy, billowy clouds. The kind that you can float on. Clouds the way they are supposed to be. Like on the perfect day.

If today had a soundtrack, it would be this song.

Dear Diary

I just went back and read the post I did yesterday. Man, how pitiful and pathetic did that thing sound? Nothing could be semi-further from the truth. Well, kind of.

I like people. When the act like people, that is. Unfortunately that is hard to find. Therefore, I’m not liking them too much. Sure, a few here and there. But, for the most part I come across mindless zombies living in what appears to be post-apocalyptic America. NEK. Today was one of those days. Ambling. Tunnelvision. No recognition of the fact that they are not the only people in the vicinity. Self-absorbed. Oblivious. In a trance-like state. Numb. etc. and on and on

After work and then my adverture at Wal Mart, I spent most the the rest of the day watching a Matlock marathon on the INSP channel. It’s so ludicrous how they edit that show for that channel. They bleep put all of the ‘hells’ and damns’, but leave in all of the violence and gunplay. They leave in the strip club billboards in the background with half naked women on them. I don’t get it. Okay, I do get it. It’s called the arbitrary and bizarre world we live in. I don’t even know why I begin to try and even figure any of it out. It’s unfigureoutable.

Also, I watched Big Brother. ugh. Those people on that show. I also watched the finale of Whodunnit. I actualy liked that show.

Work tomorrow and then off for two days. Awesomeness.

dog flip
This is seriously one of the funniest things that I’ve seen in a long time.

p.s.s. I used to like Baseball. Now it makes me want to puke. My liking of football has intensified greatly.