Oh True Love vs. Oh True Love

Oh True Love by Sammy Salvo

Oh True Love by The Everly Brothers


Dancin’ the Strand – The Sherrys

The Sherrys were an American girl group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, active briefly in the 1960s.

The group came together in 1961 around Philadelphia singer Little Joe Cook, former lead singer of The Thrillers; it featured two of his daughters and their cousin. Initially they acted as a backup ensemble for local acts such as Bobby Rydell. In 1962, a dance craze called The Popeye shot to popularity, and the group recorded the tune “Pop Pop Pop-Pie” (written by Johnny Madara and Dave White of The Spokesmen) in hopes of capitalizing on it. The group was invited to perform on American Bandstand and the record peaked at #25 on the US Billboard R&B chart, and #35 on the Billboard Hot 100.

the sherrys

Here Comes the Heartaches – Mary Miller

This song is so weird. And Creepy.

Here comes the bridesmaids
Here comes the flowers
There goes the dream I secretly’ve
Been dreaming of

Here comes the heartaches
Here comes the teardrops
Here comes the bride, and by her side
The boy, the boy I’ve always loved

What is excessively creep is the fact that it’s her sister that is getting married.

Not to mention, how many times have you ever seen the contracted word secretly’ve?

It’s so melodramatic. She talks about taking her secret to the grave. Well lady in the song, that’s just hideously awful. First of all, you should just get over it. He’s probably going to dump your sister after a few years anyway and he’ll be up for grabs. Of course, by then, he’ll probably be some deadbeat drunk or something. Then you’ll be like, “OMG, what was I even thinking”?