Dear Diary

That’s just a darn shame about Lee Thompson Young. Rizzoli and Isles is one of my favorite shows. They say it was suicide. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see what happens with further investigation.

I got a really good deal on pillows at work today. $20 pillows clearanced down to $4.98. I got 4 of them. With my employee discount that came to 16.43. Not bad getting 4 pillows for less than the original price of 1. They’re good ones too. The indoor/outdoor cabana pillows.

Work was actually okay today. It went by pretty quick. I was busy. I’m off for the next 2 days. I really need to work on the lawn tomorrow. That is a must do. An absolutely must do.

The clouds were fabulous today. Big fluffy, billowy clouds. The kind that you can float on. Clouds the way they are supposed to be. Like on the perfect day.

If today had a soundtrack, it would be this song.


John McDonald had a Birthday-EIEIOmg I love him

So, I checked out the ‘famous’ birthdays for today in wikipedia. July 24. I already knew that it was Jennifer Lopez’s birthday. For some odd reason I remember that it is 2 days before mine. I check them from time to time. Mainly as an excuse to write or talk about someone that I like. Some days are boring. Nobody good. Well, maybe a few. And other days; tons of fabulous people. Today is kind of ‘eh’.

It’s a systematic way to learn about people. Not as random. You come across people that you may not have otherwise even thought about. I’ll be like, “Oh hey, there’s so and so. I like them. Let me read more about them”. And then I’ve learn a little something about that person. Something that might spice up a conversation that I am having, or make me appear to be a tad bit smarter when I am able to answer a question about them on Jeopardy or some other quiz show.

So, who are some of the famous people who were born on this date?

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Dear Diary: Happy Birthday Erle Stanley Gardner and Phoebe Snow

Today is Erle Stanley Gardner’s birthday. He was born in 1889 and died in 1970. I love Erle. He created Perry Mason. Perry is my favorite fictional character of all time.

It’s also Phoebe Snow’s birthday. She was born in 1950. Poor homegirl died in 2011. I love Phoebe. Mainly because of Poetry Man. What a fabulous song. When I first heard it I hated it. Couldn’t stand it. But then one day I was like, “You know what, I really like that song”. And then later, “Wow, I really LOVE that song”. It seems like most of the songs that I absolutely hated when I first heard them end up being my favorite songs of all time. Funny how that happens. There’s got to be a name for that. I don’t know what it is though.

Other songs I hated in the beginning but later became my favorites.
Loving You by Minnie Riperton
Maggie May by Rod Stewart
Midnight at the Oasis by Maria Muldaur

There are others, but those are the ones that I hated the most before I started loving them.

It’s also Nicolette Larson’s birthday. She died in ’97 at the age of 45. She had a hit with Lotta Love.

I like it all right. I especially like the saxophone, flute and strings. I wouldn’t say it’s one of my absolute favorites though.

It’s also P.J. Soles birthday.
Well who in the hell is that?
She played Lynda in the Halloween movie. You know, the one with Jamie Lee Curtis. Only one of the best horror movies of all time. Anyway, she was the girl who got strangled with the telephone cord. Too bad they didn’t have cell phones back then. She’d probably still be alive. Lynda that is. P.J. is still around. She turns 63 today. EGADS!

Another celebrity birthday is…


David Hasselhoff!

David, David, David. Why on earth did you have to leave America’s Got Talent? Probably because you figured out that they don’t. Have talent, that is. It’s not like I’m a big fan or anything. I mean you all right. But dude, they replaced you with Howie Mandell. Could there possibly be anybody more annoying? Not to mention that fact that y’all are complete opposites. You eat hamburgers off of the floor and he’s afraid of germs.

And let’s not forget Phyllis Diller and Vince Guaraldi. Poor Phyllis. Died last year.
Who’s Vince Guaraldi? HELLO! He was a jazz musician. He wrote the music for the Peanuts cartoons. He was only 47 when he died.

There are other birthdays, but these are the most relevant to me.

In non-birthday news:

Last night I watched that new show Hollywood Game Night. It was entertaining. The host is Jane Lynch. She’s okay. There are 2 contestants and 6 celebrities that play the game. The problem with 6 celebrities is that there is always going to be one of them that you can’t stand or that gets on your nerves. Last night it was Martin Short. Aargh. He’s not as prance around neurotic as Robin Williams, but he’s close. Dude, learn how to focus. You wear me out.

Next week the irritating celebrity is Rob Riggle. ick.

Big Brother is on tonight. More childish drama in a faux-house full of idiots and crybabies. oh boy.

I go into work at 1:30. No bitches, please.

Dear Richard Denning

When I was in the 8th grade I started collecting autographs. I don’t know why. I just did. I would write letters to celebrities and ask them for an autographed picture. Sometimes they would be long heartfelt letters about how much I enjoyed their work or accomplishments. Other times they would just be

Dear Celebrity,
I am a big fan. May I please have an autographed picture?
Sincerely Yours,

Sometimes I would get a picture and sometimes I wouldn’t. I would write to actors, musicians, astronauts, politicians, famous scientists… everybody.
Sometimes I would write to older celebrities that I thought would die soon. I figured that I might as well try to get their autograph before they died.

Sometimes the signed photos would be personalized. Other times they would just be those facsimile photos. Sometimes they were signed by their secretaries. A few times they were those stamped autographs; e.g. Walter Cronkite and Carol Burnett.

Occasionally I would get a letter from them; Marsha Warfield, Dave Thomas, Leona Helmsley (to this day I have no clue why I wrote to her). Sometimes they would ask for me to send money for the signed picture; Jonathan Harris.

One of my favorite responses was from Bobby (Boris) Pickett of Monster Mash fame.
First of all, he had to try 3 different pens before he found one that worked. And second, I got the autograph anyway.

As far as the address, I got it out of one of those celebrity address books that I had ordered from the back of one of those entertainment magazines.

Anyway, he sounded kinda paranoid so I never wrote back. I felt kind of bad about it since I was his pal and all. I wonder how long it was before he stopped waiting to here from me?

He died in 2007 due to complications from leukemia. Well that’s depressing.

target earth poster

One of my favorite movies is Target Earth. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it, but it’s a lot. One of the actors in the movie is Richard Denning. In addition to science fiction and noir movies, he played the governor of Hawaii on the original Hawaii Five-0.

I came across his address in one of the celebrity address books that I had, so I decided to write to him.

denning 1

A while later I got this letter.
You can click on it to make it easier to read.


I was so depressed after I read it. Especially the PS. He was all excited and then, BAM…no, it’s not a letter from a long lost friend who was best man at my wedding, but some stupid fan asking for an autograph.

Not to mention the part about all of the strength it took just to accomplish the basic tasks of living.


After that, I never wrote another letter to a celebrity asking for an autograph.