Final Jeopardy for 8/20/13

Final Jeopardy for August 20, 2013

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In 2011 the city of Savannah granted an exemption allowing the sale of these items outside Juliette Gordon Low’s birthplace



Dear Diary

I just went back and read the post I did yesterday. Man, how pitiful and pathetic did that thing sound? Nothing could be semi-further from the truth. Well, kind of.

I like people. When the act like people, that is. Unfortunately that is hard to find. Therefore, I’m not liking them too much. Sure, a few here and there. But, for the most part I come across mindless zombies living in what appears to be post-apocalyptic America. NEK. Today was one of those days. Ambling. Tunnelvision. No recognition of the fact that they are not the only people in the vicinity. Self-absorbed. Oblivious. In a trance-like state. Numb. etc. and on and on

After work and then my adverture at Wal Mart, I spent most the the rest of the day watching a Matlock marathon on the INSP channel. It’s so ludicrous how they edit that show for that channel. They bleep put all of the ‘hells’ and damns’, but leave in all of the violence and gunplay. They leave in the strip club billboards in the background with half naked women on them. I don’t get it. Okay, I do get it. It’s called the arbitrary and bizarre world we live in. I don’t even know why I begin to try and even figure any of it out. It’s unfigureoutable.

Also, I watched Big Brother. ugh. Those people on that show. I also watched the finale of Whodunnit. I actualy liked that show.

Work tomorrow and then off for two days. Awesomeness.

dog flip
This is seriously one of the funniest things that I’ve seen in a long time.

p.s.s. I used to like Baseball. Now it makes me want to puke. My liking of football has intensified greatly.

Dear Diary: Bobby Sherman the Septuagenarian

There are some good birthdays today. Alex Trebek. He turns 73.
Also Emma Lazarus. She wrote that sonnet The New Colossus. It’s the poem that’s on the Statue of Liberty. I memorized it that time I had the mumps.
Edward Hopper. One of my favorite artists. He’s the guy who did Nighthawks.

I used to get it confused with Night Watch by Rembrandt.

Also, Alexander Calder. He’s an artist who as best known as being the originator of the mobile. I love mobiles.


Don’t take pictures of my shit, dude!

When I was in D.C. I got in trouble by the security guard for taking pictures in the temporary Calder exhibit. I didn’t see the sign that said NO PHOTOS ALLOWED. Oopsy.

Two other birthdays are those of George Clinton and Bobby Sherman. George Clinton being the principal architect of P-Funk, not the 4th vp of the United States. VP Clinton is also the longest serving governor in the history of the U.S. I don’t know when his birthday is.

Also, Bobby Sherman. He was a teen idol in the late 60s/early 70s. He was all right. He was one of the ones that I liked. Can you believe that he actually turns 70 today? OMG! How did all of these teen sensations from… well, what seems like last week… get to be so damn old. Seriously! Bobby Sherman is frickin’ 70.

bobby s

Peace and Love to you too Bobby.

ps. That shirt is hideous.

They had the best clue on Jeopardy today.


I was like “yay”. One of my favorite songs. Of course the answer (actually question) is Blue Öyster Cult. The code for the O with the 2 dots over it is ampersand sign, number sign, 214, semicolon. I couldn’t actually write it out using the symbols because then the O with the two dots would show up instead of the html on how to make it. The 2 dots is an umlaut. In languages without an umlaut it’s known as O with diaeresis. Anyway, that’s the language lesson of the day.

Earlier I had 2 Jimmy Dean turkey, egg and cheese muffins. Bleeck. I don’t care what anybody says, turkey patties are not a good substitution for beef or sausage. It tastes nothing like either. The texture is kind of creepy too. They were only 150 calories each. There is that. Anyway, I’m not getting them again.

This past weekend. ugh. I had to work late Saturday night. Go in at 6pm on Sunday. Then go back at 7:30pm for a meeting. Plus I have to work today, which is supposed to be a day off.
I should stop complaining. It’s money, right.

I didn’t proofread this, so if I spelled shit wrong…whatever.


Dear Diary: Why is it so cold?

Lately, there have been all kinds of temperature records being broken around the country. Most of them are heat related. Here in Little Rock they decided to go in the opposite direction. It’s kind of funny, especially since that Midnight Sun episode of the Twilight Zone was on the Twilight Zone marathon yesterday. If you haven’t seen it then you don’t know what I’m talking about.


I should have worn a jacket or something.

Last night I went to bed at 9. I started hearing all kinds of banging noises. I thought that it was coming from next door. I opened the window to tell them to shut up, but then realized that it was fireworks. I guess I forgot what day it was. I didn’t go to the city’s fireworks display. According to Alex, this girl at work, it was a dud.

I keep forgetting that today is Friday.

Dear Diary

One of The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company's ...

I’m going through my ‘If I eat anything I’m going to turn into the Goodyear blimp’ phase. It happens every so often. I’m at 185. That’s pretty normal for 6 feet I guess. One time I saw a chart that said that if you are 6 feet, anything over 187 is considered overweight. uch. I’ve been around the 182-187 mark for about a year. One day about 6 months ago I was at 179.8. I was excited to be in the 170s. That lasted for about 6 hours. Anyway, it’s a lot better than when I was at 240.

We’ve been pretty lucky weatherwise. Nothing too drastic. The other day it was over 100. Two days actually. Lately it’s been in the 80s. Yesterday was perfect. No humidity. Well, not much.

I worked today.

I have nothing to blog about. I’m so boring. I discovered the Vine app on my iphone, so I’ve been making those stupid 6 second videos.

Today is my friend Lisa’s birthday. She died a few years ago. She was an actress. I guess that her most famous role was Debra Winger’s best friend in An Officer and a Gentleman. One time she won an Oscar for a short documentary that she did with her husband. She did quite a few movies. She did some tv too.

Speaking of birthdays, I’ve got one coming up at the end of the month. The 26th. ugh. Another year older. It is the same day as Mick Jagger b-day though. And George Bernard Shaw. And Aldous Huxley (he died on the exact same day as JFK). And Carl Jung. And Mary Jo Kopechne (that chick who drowned in Ted Kennedy’s car). And George Grosz, one of my favorite artists. And a whole bunch of other cool people. I was born the exact same day at Hart Hanson, the creator of Bones.

I want a pop tart.

I just found out that if you click on of those pictures that pops up in the related content section that it adds it to your post. Well what do you know.

Dear Diary: Color me Teal

It’s Friday.

According to itunes I have listened to Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds 1333 times. That’s just ridiculous. There are other songs in the world.

It’s supposed to be really hot in certain parts of the country today. It’s supposed to be 119 in Phoenix and 127 in Death Valley. I’m glad I don’t live there. Yesterday it got up to 100 here. With the humidity/heat index is was 107. It’s only June people and Summer just started.

Last night the electricity went out for a little bit. Oh hell no bitches. It would be so awful if it was out for 4 days like it was back in December. About 1/10 of the state lost power on Christmas Day in 2012. It was cold. But, I can handle the cold a whole lot better than I can handle the heat.

The whole heat thing reminds me of that episode of The Twilight Zone. That one with Lois Nettleton. It was called The Midnight Sun. It’s one of my favorite episodes. It might actually BE my favorite episode.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how much I want to go back to D.C. I’ve only been there once. It was my birthday present to myself 4 years ago. It was fabulous. I spent most of my time in the art museums. I wasn’t real hip on the Air and Space Museum. It was okay, but there were just so many people there.
My favorite place was the Smithsonian American Art Museum. I was like, “I want to live here”.

Reynolds Center Architecture

Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii by Nam June Paik was my favorite.

When I was it in person for the first time I almost had an orgasm. Art does that to me. Paintings, sculpture, architecture and design. Sometimes I’m a big crybaby about it.

Friends: Why are you crying?
Me: It’s a MONET you uncultured hayseed!

In one of the museums I got in trouble by a security guard because I touched a van Gogh painting. I don’t care. He is now forever in my soul.

I wish that I was a talented artist, but I’m not. Sure I can through a bunch of paint on a canvas and go, “Look, I did a Jackson Pollock”, or, “Look, I did a Mondrian”, but I sure don’t have the natural talent for verisimilitude. I envy people that do. Of course, if I did have that natural ability, then I probably wouldn’t have any interest in it. It’s funny how that works.

My favorite color is #008080. That’s the hex color number. The actual color name is teal.


I don’t know why I like it so much. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of the ocean or because it was a popular mid-century color.

This is what is looks like in text.

I love changing font colors. I don’t know why I don’t do it more often.

Oh yeah, because it takes so much damn time.